Over the last 20 years or so I have coached, mentored, assisted, numerous individuals and groups, who were wrestling with the same dilema. Put simply, what takes them as individuals and/or groups from where they are to an even higher place. What others have called moving from good to great.

I am not a trend setter, nor an expert, but I do know that for any journey to begin, to take that first step, we should know where we are first. Looking on a map we can’t plan moving from A to B, without knowing where A is on the map in the first place. When we do know where A is, then we first need to find where B is and then plan the route. As with all journeys from A to B, there will be many routes.

Some will have heard me talk about moving from a small box (where you are now) to a bigger box (where you want to be). You can do this as a team or as individuals. Time bound the activity to get from the small box to the big box, say 6 months. You can fit the small box into the big box (logical due to size), though you may not want to simply fill the same space in the bigger box with the current small box.

Understanding where you are now as a person or a team, what makes up that small box, enables you to take the good things with you, but most importantly it enables you to identify things you want to leave behind as you move forward. Personal development always has to be about leaving things behind. Look at blogs on baggage and what we pick up on the journey of life. This is an opportunity to leave that behind.

Once we understand the small box better, what we want to take with us and what we want to leave behind, we will see a wide open space in the bigger box. It is then that we will be able to agree as individuals and/or groups what we want that bigger box to look like in 6 months time. That can be hard in itself and we may not know all the answers as we start the journey. Give yourself the ability to leave a little space for the adventures you will have along the way.

So now I know what I want the bigger box to look like. Getting there won’t happen automatically. The 6 months will elapse for sure as time ticks by, but we need to plan the journey, check progress along the way, ensure we remain on track to get to where we want to be. Various methods of setting goals for the bigger box and tracking this are commonly spoken off and I will pick them up in more detail in future blogs.

So you want to change? Start thinking boxes, small to big. Start being honest with yourself as to where you are now and where you want to be. Prepare for the journey ahead.

More to follow….



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Stephen Payne

Stephen Payne


Currently studying an MBA, discovering writing and engaging with people so I can listen, reflect and benefit from the wisdom of our current world and cultures.